ABC Action News 6 in Philadelphia has reported that authorities are preparing a warrant to arrest NFL playerLeSean “Shady” McCoy. Authorities want to make sure they have a solid case before arresting McCoy, who is a running back for the Buffalo Bills. He also played for thePhiladelphia Eagles. McCoy andseveralother men were involved in a fight inside a Philadelphia nightclub just before 3 a.m. on Sunday at the Recess Lounge.

The incident began after two off-duty officers had ordered several bottles of champagne. One of the men with McCoy grabbed a bottle from one officer, which led to an argument.

The attackers thenassaultedthe two off duty officers. Although cameras inside the club weren’t working, onlookers captured the beating on their cell phones.

Assault victims were off-duty police officers

Both victims are Philadelphia police officers. They were beaten so savagely that they needed medical treatment at a nearby hospital. One officer suffered from broken ribs, a broken nose, a sprained thumb, and an eye injury. The second officer needed stitches over his right eye and suffers from a skull fracture.

Other than McCoy, the media didn’t release the names of the attackers or the police officers. Channel 6 Action News also reported that one of McCoy’s companions is a former NFL player and another a former player at theUniversity of Pittsburgh.

McCoy also played his college ball at the University of Pittsburgh.

Drew Rosenhaus, McCoy’s agent, declined to offer any comments to Channel 6. Before the NFL season began, the Eagles sent McCoy to theBuffalo Bills. McCoy said he didn’t see it coming. It was a bold move by former Eagles head coachChip Kelly, who also got kicked to the curb by the Eagles.

Throughout the season, McCoy expressed his anger with his move to Buffalo.

McCoy finished the season with 12 starts. He had 203 carries, 895 rushing yards, and 5 total touchdowns. McCoy is an excellent Football player, but playing football will be the least of his worries. He will likely face serious charges for his role in the assault.

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