A new form of cancer treatment known as T-Cell Treatment has been revealed, and its initial studies show some outstanding results. In some cases, 9 out of 10 patients treated were left with no signs of cancer cells in their body upon completion.

New lease on life for Cancer patients

The majority of tests were conducted by the Cancer Research Center in Seattle on patients that were said to have between 2 and 5 months left to live. The tests have seen exceptional results on leukemia patients with symptoms completely vanishing after treatment, and 94% of those treated with acute lympoblastic leukemia went into full remission.

Although the current results are from a similar, blood type cancer, it's said to be unprecedented in medicine to get these results from patients in such an advance stage of cancer.

The T-Cell technique

The treatment is conducted in stages, and at this time is used on blood type cancers, the results on solid cancers such as bowel, lung, or breast cancer are still yet to be seen. The process involves using molecules which have come from specially bred genetically engineered mice, and consists of:

  • Removing immune cells, known as T-Cells, from the patients blood.
  • Tagging these cells with receptor molecules that will target the cancer.
  • Infusing these cells back into the patients blood stream.

The new receptor molecules attach themselves to the T-Cells and prevent the cancer from resisting the body's immune system.

In remission or cured?

As with many good things in life, the T-Cell Treatment does come with some skepticism, the majority of results have seen patients being treated and, in most studies, over 90% of these went into full remission. This means that the patient is symptom free of cancer at the time, however, there's no certainty as to how long the remission stage will last before symptoms return.

Therefore, this is not yet the cure for cancer but it's a pioneering benchmark that can be worked on to advance the science of curing cancer and its associated viruses.

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