William Powell: Height / Weight?

Nik’ol Garcia: 6ft/ 153lbs.

WP: Describe how you got into the modeling business?

NG: I started as a sophomore in college as a hobby. I used a website called Model Mayhem to begin building a portfolio.

WP: What type of modeling are you best at?

NG: Glamour and fitness modeling.

WP: You were recently a red-carpet interviewer?

NG: I was recently an interviewer for the 85' Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears charity event hosted by Otis Wilson at Lucky Strike in Chicago.

WP: What's your favorite inspirational book?

NG: "I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak over your Life" By Joel Osteen.

WP: What’s your unique Super Power?

NG: I would have to say the Power of Multitasking.

WP: Who is your favorite model besides yourself?

NG: Iman

WP: What do you do for fitness?

NG: Workout consistently and make better eating choices.

WP: What charities do you support?

NG: I support any that involve creating a better opportunity for our youth.

I met someone recently named Ray McElroy whose organization is named "A Ray of Hope on Earth"; he provides sports camps and motivational events for children.

WP: What are Six Tips folks can use to crush their weight loss resolutions?

NG: 1.) CREATE A WHY. Having a “Why” helps you fight through the bad days. Maybe you want to do it for your kids or so you can stop taking your blood pressure medicine.

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Whatever it is, your “Why” is critical to achieving your goals this year.

2.) MAKE IT REASONABLE. Short term reachable goals keep you motivated. Example: lose 5lbs by March Madness. Don’t make your goal so unreachable that you begin to get discouraged early on.

3.) NO MAGIC TO HEALTH. Don’t let anyone tell you there is a Magic Pill that will melt the fat away and you don’t have to eat right or workout.

Companies know people are desperate to lose weight fast and they prey on innocent consumers like you. The weight didn’t come on over night so it won’t come off overnight!

4.) WRITE IT DOWN. Writing out your goal on paper and posting it somewhere you can read it daily will help remind you that the time is now. Researchers say when you write goals down that you are more likely to accomplish them.


Yep, that’s right. Put away that little square thing we call a scale because it won’t help at all. If you’re working out consistently the scale probably won’t change. That’s because you're building lean muscle and probably lowering your body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage is the number you want to see decline.

6.)TELL THE HATERS BE QUIET. Yep you know these people. Friends and especially family members that will say, “Oh, you will look sick if you lose weight.

Or here’s my favorite, "Our family is big boned, you won’t be able to lose that weight" (I’ve never seen a big boned skeleton, have you?) Anyway, when you’re doing anything against the majority you will have a boat load of naysayers and doubters that will tell you over and over again about how you can’t do something. Surround yourself with like-minded positive individuals who will encourage and support your goal to get in shape.

WP: Describe yourself in one word?

NG: Love.

Follow her:www.facebook.com/nikolfitmomsrock,@nikolthefitmom on Twitter and @nikolthefitmom on Instagram. Website:www.iamnikolgarcia.com

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