Usually, a presidential candidate welcomes the endorsement of a group of – shall we say – independent businesswomen, especially if said candidate is Hillary Clinton. However, Clinton, who is locked in a neck and neck race with Bernie Sanders for the Nevada Caucus, may not know what to think about her election being touted by “Hookers 4 Hillary,” a group of sex workers who ply their trade at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel near Carson City, Nevada, and similar establishments, including the Alien Cat House located near Area 51.

The working girls based their endorsement on four main points.

First, Hillary Clinton will protect Obamacare, which providing the ladies with health insurance for the first time. Apparently, this was not available before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, even though some of the ladies earn six figure incomes.

Second, Ms. Clinton has foreign policy experience. This section does not mention Benghazi of the Russian reset, but it does mention the Secret Service’s Colombia prostitute scandal. The ladies want President Hillary Clinton to make sure that the agents “buy American” from now on.

Third, Clinton will protect federal agencies that safeguard public health, particularly sexually transmitted diseases, a significant concern for women in their line of work.

Finally, Clinton will make sure that the country will not return to supply side economics and will make sure that the wealthy, including their boss Dennis Hoff, pay their fair share of taxes. They believe that only thus will potential customers have the discretionary income necessary to enjoy the services available at Nevada’s legal brothels.

The ladies will campaign for Hillary Clinton as only they can, offering discounts and “extra time” to any customer who agrees to caucus for the candidate.

Ironically, most of the working girls now supporting Clinton supported libertarian leaving Ron Paul in 2012. Paul’s economic philosophy is vastly different than that of Ms.

Clinton, focusing on drastic tax and spending cuts. What caused the flip-flop is something that can best only be speculated about.

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