The Presidential campaigns are in full swing, and that means the usual democrat-vs-republican battle is going on. However, an even bigger battle seems to be going on with Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This time Clinton accuses Sanders of not being a true Democrat.

Trying for inroads in Nevada Caucus

In a last ditch effort to win the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton made some of the hardest accusations she’s ever directed toward fellow runner Bernie Sanders. Clinton questioned Sanders' allegiance to the Democratic Party that he is trying so hard to lead.

The former Secretary of State accused Bernie Sanders of not completely supporting the Democratic Party.

According to reports, Clinton accused Sanders by pointing out that he attacked the two most recent Democratic presidents -- Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton. In relation to this accusation, Sanders said to reporters on his campaign plane that he believed former President Bill Clinton’s most significant achievements were disastrous.

Defending his decisions

Sen. Sanders later said that the report was blown out of proportion.

He said that he was merely responding to a question that a reporter prompted him to answer. In addition to this, Sanders also said that a fellow politician is allowed to disagree with someone from his same party. Sen. Sanders claims he was only disagreeing with Clinton’s policies and that he is still a Democrat.

Looking for the Latino vote

Both candidates are currently fighting for the minority vote and apparently part of the strategy is Clinton accusing Sanders of not being a wholehearted Democrat.

As of right now, it looks like Hillary is winning, but by very few points. The fight for the minority vote will not be an easy one for these two candidates. Considering the fact that Las Vegas has a high percentage of Latinos in the area, it's more than likely that Clinton may take the win in Nevada, due to the fact that she sported 56 percent of Latino support as opposed to Sander’s 39 percent approval rating.

Despite Clinton's best efforts to make the public doubt his allegiance to the Democratic Party, Sanders seems to be holding up pretty well. Although what Clinton said should have greatly damaged Sanders’ campaign in this democratic-vs-republican race to the finish line, it only affected it by a few points.

It's still unclear who will be the nominee for the Democratic Party. The only thing that can be said about these two rivals is this: they certainly know how to put up a fight.

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