It seems that North Korea is not frightening just because of the hydrogen bomb, or the bizarre way of raising a stink.

On January 1st 2016, Otto Frederick Warmbier, undergraduate business student at the University of Virginia, made the worst mistake. This 21-year-old U.S. student displayed a political slogan from the second floor of Yanggakgdo International Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Naïve, or simply deceived by a member of a church in his home state of Ohio, Warmbier wasn’t aware that he has done a wrong move, which, seen from this country’s eyes, is a terrible crime against the political regime.

This morning, on February 29th Otto Frederick Warmbier had a press conference two months after his arrest at the Pyongyang Airport. Distressed and frightened, he apologizes for committing a crime, a ‘hostile act’ as country’s officials name it, and literally begs for forgiveness from the people of North Korea.

Why Otto Warmbier has done this and who stands ‘behind the curtain’?

In his confession, the 21-year-old student of University of Virginia claims that he has been encouraged to commit this crime by a member of a church in Ohio (his friend’s mother) who said him that by stealing a political banner, he will offend communism and that he will help in promoting her idea of the West humiliating the communist, anti-Christian country.

Greater motivation is hidden behind his act; according to Warmbier’s statement, the woman promised to buy him a $10 000 used car for doing this, and also, that the Z Community – a secretive university organization - would accept him as their member, after he stole the slogan. North Korea says that this organization is closely related to CIA.

Both the Church and the Z Society deny any involvement in the case.

Since the U.S. student read the statement, it is not known whether those were his own words and thoughts, or he was forced to say all that by North Korea’s authorities. Otto Warmbier is not the only tourist that has been arrested in this country, so the U.S.

State Department advise and insist that American tourists should stop travelling in North Korea.

In addition, a Democrats vs. Republicans competition is in sight, asRepublican presidential candidate John Kasich urges President to work on Warmbier’s release and keep his family continually informed.

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