The Best Picture winner of the 2016 Golden Globe awards in a comedy or musical category unexpectedly turned out to be The Martian, starring Matt Damon. The Martian is truly a funny movie and it also has a great disco-era soundtrack, so, it obviously qualifies in both of the categories. However, the content of the movie is very serious indeed.

Damon plays an abandoned astronaut trying to survive on a planet that cannot support human life. One of our nearest planetary neighbors, Marsis extremely inhospitable even though NASA has discovered the presence of briny water on its surface. This announcement came just after the movie was released in 2015.

Damon's character is Mark Watney, a botanist and engineer who's constantly talking to himself and cracking jokes. Watney certainly isn't afraid to rage against the planet, his living quarters, food, and the hilarious censorship by NASA while on a public channel.

Life and death situations surprisingly funny at times

The movie is strikingly presented in 3D in theaters. This brings the Martian landscape into believable hostility and outstanding beauty. There are times when the Martian rover can barely be seen against the backdrop of huge craters, mountains, and volcanos. At times, the viewer feels as if he's walking beside Watney as he tries to navigate through brutal dust storms and the vast loneliness of his circumstances.

The Martian is emotionally charged hope for all who feel alone in the cosmos, abandoned by man and technology. He must survive entirely on his wit and will. For months at a time, Watney listens to disco music, watches old videos, learns to grow plants on a barren planet, and comes up with amazing skills to simply remain alive until rescue can come from his fellow astronauts and everyone cheering for him on Earth.

The jokes are tragic, yet extremely funny. The emotion is real, and the action flows smoothly with basically one actor to work with. Damon deserves to win the Golden Globe award for best actor, andNeil DeGrasse Tyson gave the film a huge thumbs up for scientific accuracy. NASA was also liberally consulted in order to give the film a sense of realism.

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