The goal of tobacco control is by design, promotion of less harm from the use and addiction of tobacco. It would not surprise me if the title "Tobacco Control" is foreign to some, so briefly, "tobacco control" according to Wikipedia, is the "...field of international public health science, policy and practice dedicated to addressing tobacco use, and thereby reducing the morbidity and mortality it causes." They are confused. They have a vested interest in promoting smoking.

Hierarchy in the tobacco control world consists of many levels.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is in charge of "creating and planning policy," organizations like the American Lung Association, down to the local stop smoking services at your local hospital use W.H.O. and their position as a guideline. Top level corruption is difficult to see. The goal is to convince you tobacco control is needed with e-cigarettes.

Along comes the e-cigarette. Some people stopped smoking. First dismissed it as a fad, they tried banning them (in some places they ARE banned).

Then the onslaught of poorly interpreted dangers, claims of "we don't know enough" "can't find research" and the phrase -Think Of The Children™- has become the battle cry to keep the uninformed at bay. They are addicted to your addiction to smoking.

WHY are they feverishly lying about e-cigarettes? Why, if they are in the business of tobacco harm reduction, (remember, the goal is less smoking) would they say anything to deter a smoker?

Why are they instilling good old fashioned fear into the public? It's a sound business decision! Because they are addicts of tobacco themselves. Taxes collected in the billions globally fund governments, and in turn fund tobacco control organizations. Governments and organizations are in the tobacco business. They, by design, are a conflict of interest. They are in the business of of funding themselves.

They need an intervention.

Here's truth:

You must ask answer this question for yourself. If e-cigs have the potential to stop people from smoking, why are all these experts not working towards making e-cigarettes better? Because it is not about health. With the simple and elementary level promotion by media far too eager to sensationalize a misconstrued study, call it research and confuse those who really don't know any better by passing it off as truth. By creating mass confusion to smokers, they are getting away with it (to protect their vested interest) by preempting what IS the answer to reducing tobacco use worldwide.

MILLIONS have. They are abusing their positions to the very people they need to reach the most. To deter is costing lives. I want you to question the motive behind every statement. E-cigarettes work.

Smoking rates are at historic lows. Children can't steal cigarettes from adults who no longer smoke. To claim e-cigarettes are just as bad as smoking is WRONG. To say they are the same perpetuates smoking. The work of tobacco control is more about controlling tobacco and keeping their funds from all but disappearing. From Government, politicians, drug companies and media, the corruption level of this travesty to keep people smoking is out of CONTROL.

They have a goal. They have a vested interest in tobacco. When it comes to e-cigarettes and the honesty for harm reduction, most of those in the tobacco control field are tilling the land for the next crop of smokers. They appreciate your smoking addiction. Public health, sadly, is of no interest.

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