Five police members from a Serbian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently under indictment for a robbery that happened in September 2015 when these policemen stopped an armored vehicle that was transporting 300.000 Euros, and shot a security guard. An arrest of police members was confirmed by spokesmen of the interior ministry.

During investigation of this robbery, several aspects aroused suspicion to these six men. Firstly, when this robbery was committed none of them were on duty, as some called in sick, some took days off, and some went on vacation. Secondly, the hidden camera in the armored vehicle filmed the movement of these men that was similar to tactical movement with weapons which is taught by the police academy.

Investigation lasted 4 months, and was concluded on the 14th of January, when two of the six men failed a polygraph and decided to testify against their four colleagues.

Crucial mistakes allowed investigators to collect DNA evidence in the car in which these police-thieves drove off after the robbery. Helicopters were immediately dispatched to the crime scene when security that was in the transport vehicle called police. Because helicopters were on their tail, they didn't burn the car. If they burned the car, smoke would have given up their position. Two of these police officers have a previous criminal record for assault, battery, and illegal gun manufacturing. It's unclear why and how there were no other cars on the highway where the robbery was committed.

A special team of investigators has confirmed that these five men are also under suspicion for a 2014 bank robbery, where 100.000 Euros were stolen. Some of these men were very influential in the police structures and were very close with prominent politicians. There are also rumors that these men are involved in a variety of criminal activities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This scandal is going to have a huge impact on the image of security agencies in this Balkan country, which is currently applying for membership status in the EU.

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