Obama weighs in on Flint

President Obama has been in the News a lot lately. Recently,he ripped into the NRA for not attending a town hall on gun control measuresand he also has ajob approval that has hit a three-year high.As president, he's most definitely at the forefront of many issues, and he recently weighed in on another challenging issue that's hit home for many people. Speaking on the water crisis in the Michigan town of Flint, Obama said that he would be "beside himself if I was a parent in Flint." The problem in Flint is very simple: the drinking water in the community is simply atrocious.

There have even been pictures of individuals getting water from the tap that looks to be dirty, sulphuric, and rust-colored. To say that the water is unsafe for drinking would be an understatement.

President Obama has responded to the crisis by declaring the region of Flint to be a national disaster area and has ordered federal aid to come in and assist with the relief effort. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was well aware of the issue and requested the president to do so, and he readily agreed.

Obama recently had Flint Mayor Karen Weaver at the White House on Tuesday and pledged his support to the embattled Michigan community.

"We are most definitely going to have her back," the president said. The main problem with Flint's water supply is that there are elevated levels of lead, which can lead to birth defects in pregnant women, brain damage, strokes, and a host of other health problems for those who have to use the water for drinking.

The problem stems from their decision to disconnect from neighboring Detroit's water line in April 2014 in order to save money.

Flint elected to draw their water supply from the nearby Flint River. Unfortunately, this decision proved to be deleterious at best because it has been found since then that there's an incredibly high concentration of lead in the Flint River. As a result of this, the lead is now in the town's water supply, and there is no simple way of removing it.

"This is definitely a reminder that you cannot shortchange basic services to people," President Obama concluded.

"We as a government agency have to make sure that the public health and safety is fully preserved."

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