It's Kung Fu Panda 3's turn to do the same magic for 20th Century Fox. Make some Chinese take-out kind of money.

By the way it's KFP, not KFC. I made that mistake, too. Kung Fu Panda 3 to be more exact. KFP3 is opening the weekend of Jan 28-31. The disciples are queuing up now.

For the real KFP disciples will line up at midnight and watch it tomorrow evening. I'll wait. Instead, I'll watch my own little master-to-be, Mia practice her moves at the local dojo.


She's my 8-year old, working on a green-red belt. Not really sure what the colors mean. Done by Christmas, perhaps?

KFP and KFP2 generated a combined $1.297 million. KFP - $631.7M and KFP 2 - $665.7M. That's a lot of bowls of ramen noodles.

Before its official launch, and before the haters start attacking KFP 3 is enjoying good reviews at IMDB and Metacritic. Of course, the haters would not attack KFP in person.


Haters hide behind their keyboards. And Po would kick the daylights out of them.

The voices are back. Jack Black as Po. Angelina Jolie as Tigress.  Jackie Chan as Monkey. Lucy Liu as Viper. Kate Hudson as Mei Mei.

Jackie Chan will be the Monkey in English and Mandarin. He will also do Po's father, Li, in Mandarin.

Fun Facts about Kung Fu Panda 3

KFP3 was supposed to come out Christmas weekend. But another film with numbers in it came out about the same time.

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Yeah... Start Wars 7, The Force Awakens.

The little Jolie-Pitts, Shiloh, Pax, Knox and Zahara will be voice extras in one scene.

The movie is co-produced by Chinese firm, China Film Co.  China also got an early (1 week) release of the film.

What everyone really wants to know, however, is can Po kick, shake, wobble, eat and fight his way back to $600 million or more?

If KFP3 does rake in another $600 million its aggregate earnings will approach $2B.

That's a big number. Up in the clouds with the Toy Story, Minions, and Shrek franchises. Top Gun 2 anyone?

I'll wait till my neighbors buy it on DVD and ask them to share. It's not a big screen flick.

When will you go see it?

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