Hillary Clinton's campaign for Democratic presidential nominee seems to be in trouble as Bernie Sanders focuses on closing the gap and overtaking numbers in the upcoming Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

According to CNN, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is convinced that Hillary Clinton has turned her attacks on him, regarding the issues of taxes and guns, among others, because she is threatened by his success.

Polls show that Clinton is still leading in Iowa, while Sanders has bypassed her to gain a slight lead in New Hampshire.

"And I think a candidate who was originally thought to be the anointed candidate, the inevitable candidate, is now locked here in a very difficult race here in Iowa and in New Hampshire."

Sanders goes on to say that the entire Clinton campaign is in trouble and that is why Hillary is on the offensive.


Vice President Joe Biden throws his considerable support behind Sanders

Vice President Joe Biden jumped on the Sanders' bandwagon, noting that, on the issue of income inequality, Bernie has a lot of credibility.  Although the Vice President did mention that Hillary Clinton also has some good thoughts on the subject, but her attention to income equality is just emerging, as the majority of her time has been spent on other issues.

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Unwilling to alienate the first real contender for female president, Biden made sure his comments were not construed in a way that would lead Clinton to believe he was speaking against her.  He made the following statement to clear up any doubt on whether or not he was endorsing one presidential candidate over the other.

"What I meant was, for the last five years, [Hillary Clinton's] been engaged in foreign policy."  He mentioned again the the ideas Hillary does have on income equality are quite good. 

The race to become the Democratic presidential nominee is heating up exponentially as candidates race toward the Iowa caucus, which is set for February 1st, less than two weeks away.


Which Democrat do you think will win the nomination?

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