Americans witnessed yet another Republican debate on Thursday night. In addition to the audience in South Carolina, millions watched around the world on the Fox Business Channel, but fact checkers proved not everything they heard was true.

With the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary less than one month away, each candidate ispulling out all stops in an attempt to win over the last of the undecided voters.

On the GOP side, with a wide cast of candidates to choose from, many voters are still unsure who they will side with. During the debate, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the candidates made many claims and allegations, which fact checkers went after, as reported by PBS News on Jan. 15.

Iran seizes U.S. sailors

The first round of statements that fact checkers quickly debunked were the comments made by Cruz and New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie. Each candidate referenced the recent incident involving 10 members of the United States Navy who were captured by the Iranian military before being released the following day. Cruz stated that if he was president, Iran would "feel the full force and fury of the United States of America." Christie also chimed in, referring to the Iranians as "Tin pot dictators."

What was not revealed in either candidate's statement was that the U.S.

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Donald Trump

ships entered into Iranian waters after what's being described as a "navigation error." Typical protocol involves disarming foreign military forces, something that Cruz and Christie never mentioned.

The military

A common theme during the debate was for the candidates to highlight how President Obamaallegedly destroyed the U.S. military. Jeb Bush said Obama "gutted" the military, while Trump referred to it as a "disaster." Ben Carson claimed the president "has done everything he can to diminish it," and Rubio went as far as to say Obama was "undermining" the military.

As fact checkers correctly pointed out, a GOP-controlled Congress passed the recent budget cuts to the defense program, which Obama eventually signed into law. With a military that's the largest in the world, the U.S. still invests more money into their defense than the next seven countries combined.

Other claims debunked

Throughout the course of the night, candidates threw out other claims that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Bush stated that Hillary Clinton was under investigation by the FBI, but as Politifact points out, "Clinton is not under FBI investigation."

When speaking about the gender and age breakdown of incoming Syrian refugees, Trump stated thatmostwere younger, large men. Despite his claims, statistics show that the majority of the refugees entering the U.S. from Syria haveactuallybeenwomen and children, a direct contradiction to the allegations Trump made on the debate stage.

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