The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is once again releasing their anti-smoking campaign "Tips From Former Smokers." The goal of the CDC and Director Tom Frieden is to use advertising, video, and billboards in an attempt to lower smoking rates and related disease. In 2014, this campaign cost taxpayers upwards of two hundred million dollars.

How will the CDC gauge their progress of combating smoking with this campaign? According to's article, "The findings are based on analyses of internet searches for information on how to quit smoking during the campaign." Last year, there was a photo of a woman named Kristi.

Giving an illusion of e-cigs being bad on this photo, it stated "I started using e-cigarettes but kept smoking. Right up till my lung collapsed." Lost in the interpretation of that photo was that Kristi kept smoking. The e-cig was mentioned in her ad for a reason.

Golden Opportunity Missed?

The CDC once again is missing a golden opportunity to educate smokers and reduce or eliminate tobacco with e-cigs. The CDC released their own numbers stating there are now over nine-million e-cig users in the United States.

Public Health England released their statement that e-cigs are at least 95% safer than smoking last year. How could the CDC or Dr. Frieden miss that? That information would tell anyone smoking there is huge potential and they are an effective way to stop smoking. Instead, Dr. Frieden remains another alleged authority of public health choosing to dismiss the overwhelming research on e-cigs. This position is extremely misleading and deceptive to the public he is "dedicated" to serve.

Is Deception in the Public Health Arena Criminal?

There are reasons for deception on e-cigs, and these actions are being exposed.

Recent reports of pharmaceutical interests donating to the CDC are part of the Frieden & Governments position. According to a December Intellihub report, "many of the CDC’s top health “experts” have ties to the pharmaceutical industry." This itself should explain the refusal of Frieden and the CDC to even discuss e-cigarettes past "children" and "we don't know enough" and "nicotine" statements recently made. It also explains their statements of using approved methods. Global corruption and scandals are being exposed.

Former smokers turned e-cigarette advocates are questioning public figures like Frieden and motives of people like Professor Glantz in California. Many are asking why they are getting away with these tactics. Some are saying deceit continues to scare millions of current smokers and those actions should have legal and criminal charges.


If the number one priority is public health, and e-cigarettes are taking people away from tobacco. It is nothing less than the duty of "officials" to know everything there is to know and relay that to the public.

No excuses, no exceptions. The public deserves the truth, and Dr. Frieden has failed miserably to provide it. On the surface, the goal in reducing tobacco looks like a wonderful effort, but there are vested interests to protect. Lies and withholding information is costing lives rather than saving them. These efforts will keep less effective ways to stop smoking in business, and tax dollars from the sales of cigarettes rolling in. Misinformation rather than reducing tobacco consumption seems to be the goal of tobacco control and CDC Director Tom Frieden.

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