No one gets Donald Trump's jokes

At a campaign rally in Sioux Center, Iowa today, the presidential frontrunner stated he would not lose voters even if he shot someone.

"I could stand in the center of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

Trump's cocky statement was not well received at all, especially, as usual, by the media. Ted Cruz, who is currently playing second fiddle to Donald's first place position in Iowa, weighed in on the subject following the rally.


"I will let Donald speak for himself. I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign."

Seriously, Trump did not mean that he would actually stand in the middle of a busy street and shoot at people.  The ridiculous statement was obviously made to prove a point.  Those who support Donald Trump in his bid for the White House are loyal followers. They like him for his strong views, uncompromising principles, and complete and total disregard for political correctness. CNN reports that many Trump followers have stated "almost nothing" would sway them from placing their votes with Donald.


The number of Donald Trump political supporters continues to grow

According to the New York Times, Iowa Senior Senator Charles Grassley surprised everyone by appearing at the Trump rally in Pella, Iowa on the same day. While Senator Grassley did not offer an endorsement for the Republican presidential hopeful, the very idea that he appeared on stage in support of Trump sent shock waves through the community.

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Donald Trump

Standing behind the podium with the Trump campaign slogan, Make America Great Again emblazoned on the front, Senator Grassley shared the following words with fellow supporters.

"I'm happy to be here with such an enthusiastic group and this candidate. And I want Mr. Trump to know I appreciate his support for me and most importantly for Iowa being first in the nation and our all-important Iowa caucuses."

It is important to note, however, that the Senator also plans on attending a town hall meeting with Ted Cruz this week, as well as a rally for Marco Rubio.

This all comes after endorsements from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as well as the National Black Republican Association.

It seems Donald Trump is well on his way to a historic win, at least in Iowa. What do you think will happen during the Iowa caucus next month?  Will Trump win that state?

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