The Iowa caucus is just one week away and each candidate is hoping for a final surge to help them walk out a winner next Tuesday night. For the Democratic candidates running for president, their best chance was in front of potential voters at a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa on Jan. 25.

Unlike traditional debates, the town hall event prevented the candidates from addressing each other in a face-to-face confrontation. Each candidate was, instead, given separate time to answer questions from the moderator and those in the audience.

After the two hour plus event was in the books, CNN's "Reality Check" fact checking team went to work and revealed a pretty solid grade for all involved, with emphasis put on front runners Sanders and Clinton.

Bernie Sanders' report card

If there's one thing that Bernie Sanders can't be accused of, it's being inconsistent. Whether or not a voter agrees with his policies or not, Sanders is universally accepted as someone who is authentic and honest. During the town hall, Sanders addressed the need for singe-payer universal health care, stating, "The United States today is the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people as a right." The fact checkers rated his claim "true."

Turning his attention to economics, the independent senator from Vermont spoke about income inequality, which he saidwas greater in 2016 than at anytime since 1928, just one year before the infamous stock market crash.

After digging through research released by the Pew Research Center and data from the IRS, the fact checkers came to the conclusion that Sanders' statement on income inequality was also "true." Sanders then spoke about the pay gap for women in the work place, and his opposition against the Iraq War, all which were rated either "true" or "mostly true."

Hillary Clinton's grade

While Clinton still holds a strong national lead in most polls, the former Secretary of State is in a battle for supremacy in Iowa, and is now fading in New Hampshire.

Though Clinton's performance on Tuesday was not one for the record books, fact checkers gave her a good score. Making multiple comments about the economy, including how the country prospered during the administration of her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, the fact checking team rated her claims "true."

Clinton turned to foreign policy next, stating that she was one of the central figures that helped enact the new historic sanctions on Iran.

Despite relentless criticism from the GOP, Clinton was given a rating of "mostly true," due toothers being evolved as much, or more than she was in regards to Iran.

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