The 90's were important years for music, through its changes it has evolved into something more interesting than it has been before. You had groups from Dru Hill, Jodeci, to Silk who embodied the essence of real R&B music. One group in particular by the name of Men At Large discovered by the great Gerald Levert brought a new sound and look to the industry. With their strong soulful voices they managed to create one of their classics "So Alone" which cracked at #31 on Billboard. Now, you may ask, ask who was the lead singer of the group?

To most that's up for debate, but Dave Tolliver was more so the breakout star who's powerhouse vocals took a solo career as well through the groups hiatus.

With working on his new music, he has recently released a brand new single entitled "Concert" produced & written by super producer and songwriter James Worthy. We all love a good love song, but this particular record shows a more sensual, but clever writing style to R&B that hasn't been heard in a while. Hailing with smooth chords, and soulful delivery, this record is sure to be a fan favorite.

"Concert" is now available on Tolliver's latest LP "Something Like The Greatest"which can be purchased in all digital music outlets. By quotation Worthy says "I knew this record was special the moment I played it for him. Something about how open the track was that made you fall into the chords and close your eyes, that determines a great record."

Moving further into the making of this piece of work, this song was the last recording before the closing of the album, ironically.

Most likely we see a single already recorded and selected before an album is finished, but in this particular case, it was the icing on the cake. Follow Tolliver on all social media pages below:

Instagram: @Davemenatlarge

Twitter: @Davemenatlarge

Dave Tolliver Albums

2009: Black Pavarotti

2015: Something Like The Greatest

Men At Large Albums

1992: Men At Large

1994: One Size Fits All

1999: Love Struggle & Progress

2007: Back On Top

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