Germany welcomed the New Year in a not-so-good light. Amidst the festive celebrations and excitement hundreds of women came forward to the police to report beingsexually abused (with one reportofrape) and robbed. Women who suffered from the ordeal were saidto feel worried walking around the area at night for fears of being in the same situation again.

Mob attacks

It is thoughtthat a group of Arab and/or African-looking men were behind the “mob attacks” during the New Year’s celebration. According to women’s testimonies, they were surrounded by a huge group of men, groping and touching them in their private parts in order to divert their attention.

Once they felt “cornered” another person would grab their belongings such as handbags, mobile phones or wallets.

Initially, reports identify the occurrences happened only in the city of Cologne where the alleged crimes occurred around the train stations and near a famous cathedral. However, similar reports have now surfaced that Hamburg received about 50 relevant crimes that occurred during the New Year’s festivities. The style and tactics were the samesparking outrage from protesters around Germany over the huge influx of asylum seekers coming from war-torn countries such as Syria.

Living under German law

Since the event, German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a statement indicating that the crimes were intolerable.

While in Romania on Thursday, she remarked that asylum seekers should respect and adhere to the German law if they are to find a home inGermany. This firm statement from Merkel came as no surprise as she received a lot of criticism since agreeing to accept a huge number of predominantly Muslim migrants.

Merkel’s decision to accept a large number of migrants came has been met with protests from locals who fear that migrants will be unable to adapt to Europe’s lifestyle.

Apart from Merkel’s statements, Justice Minister Heiko Maas also issued a warning that deportation awaits asylum seekers proven to be guilty of the sex offences during the New Year’s celebration.

However, Maas also indicated that migrants should not be used as a scapegoat to cover the real culprit behind these attacks.

No help

Women who suffered from this “nightmare” reported it was “impossible” to ask for help at the time of the attack because police were understaffed to suppress the situation. Some who were able to cry for help were not attended to because another surge of men would come forward threatening people around. Some women were also blaming local News stations for not being able to report the incidents in a timely fashion – allowing more incidents to occur.

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