Despite Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's public apology earlier today about the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a police officer last year, hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets in the city demanding the resignation of the city leader.

Protesters taking part in a planned citywide walk-out gathered at Daley Plaza at noon and began their march on North Dearborn, then later blocked State Street as they walked there after trying to enter the Chicago Board of Trade Building. In viewing the live stream of the protests, people of all races and ages can be seen taking part in what has been thus far a peaceful demonstration.

Emanuel's apology fell far short of what the protesters view as long-term corruption in the police department and leadership of Chicago. It was more of the same, a "different day, same story" in the view of many of the city's residents -- mere lip service to one symbol of an ongoing problem of what is seen as corruption in the upper echelons in Chicago's powers-that-be.

The recent indictment of former police officer Jason Van Dyke for the murder of Laquan McDonald, seen being shot 16 times on dash-cam video of the incident, has done little to quell the concerns of many of Chicago's residents. Said one protester, Willie J.R. Fleming with the Anti-Eviction Campaign, “It's bigger than the shooting of Laquan MCDonald, the murder of Percy Coleman's son, it's bigger than Ronnie man, Ronald Johnson." (

Mayor Emanuel had come out strongly against Police Chief Gerry McCarthy, firing him from his position a week ago, perhaps in an attempt to take some of the heat of the protesters' fury from himself, in what is seen as an administrative cover-up of the killing of a civilian by a police officer.

No indictment had been forthcoming in the October 2014 death of McDonald until Nov. 24, 2015. The mayor's firing of McCarthy did not come as a surprise to most people aware of the situation, with many viewing the former police chief as being Emanuel's sacrificial lamb -- ostensibly to head off the sort of protests taking place in his city today.

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