A grand jury in Waller County, Texas failed to secure an indictment against anyone in the suspicious death of Sandra Bland. She was pulled over for a minor traffic violation by state trooper Brian Encinia on July 10, 2015, and found dead hanging in her cell 3 days later. Questions about the officer began to surface after video of the arrest was released with the officer threatening to "light up" Sandra Bland if she didn't get out of the car. Officer reports claimed that Bland was combative, resisting arrest, and subsequently charged with assaulting a public servant, but on the dash cam video released 2 weeks after the incident you can hear her clearly saying that officers slammed her head into the ground.

The video ignited another controversy because parts of it were missing, and there was obvious editing as cars and people appeared and disappeared in the video as Blands' voice was uninterrupted. Officer Encinia was placed on administrative duty immediately after the video was released showing that he did not use proper protocol.

Details are sketchy as to what happened after the arrest because there is no audio on the videos released from the Waller County Jail. According to the lawsuit, sheriffs deputies and guards failed to monitor and protect Bland while she was in police custody. Video recorded outside of the cell she was in showed no movement in the hallway hours before she was found hanging.

An initial autopsy conducted by the Harris County Medical Examiner found no evidence of a violent struggle, and ruled the death a suicide.

Bland, a 2009 graduate of Prairie View A&M University and outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter campaign was due to start a temporary job at her alma mater as a summer program associate.

Her death sparked a social media outcry, and hundreds of thousands of people have tweeted the hashtag #SandraBland and signed an online petition requesting an investigation into her death.

The family has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit, and they are seeking unspecified damages against several Texas officials.

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