The city of Las Vegas is known for a lot of things other than gambling. The bustling town is also known for greatrestaurantsand has a generous amount of shows such as aGrateful Dead Tribute that premiered earlier this month.Unfortunately, Las Vegas became known for something else entirely, as police say a woman careened her car onto the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, killing one person and injuring 37 others.

To make matters worse, police have become increasingly convinced that the act was intentional. The driver, a woman in her mid-20's, careened on and off the sidewalk three or four different times, hitting pedestrians everywhere.

People tried desperately to get the car to stop before it sped down Las Vegas Boulevard in an attempt to escape.

"Although this wasn't an act of terrorism, we do feel this was an intentional act," Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman said.

Witnesses described the incident as intensely disturbing as the woman driving the car was simply "looking forward" and "didn't seem to want to stop the car," according to one eyewitness. "She came to a stop at the Paris intersection, and people were slamming their fists into her window trying to get her to stop. She simply backed up and sped up again, mowing more people down as she went."

The Las Vegas strip, which is home to numerous hotels, restaurants, shops, and retail outlets, is known for welcoming thousands of visitors each and every evening.

The usually welcoming strip immediately shut down, bathed in a sea of red and blue as ambulances tended to the injured and police cars arrived on the scene to investigate.

Ultimately, the police made an arrest after viewing surveillance video of the woman in the vehicle, which was a 1996 Oldsmobile with Oregon plates.

After tracking her down, the police gave her a roadside sobriety test to determine if alcohol was a factor. The African-American woman in question also had a 3 year-old in the vehicle with her at the time of the incident.

Las Vegas police later sent out a tweet saying that their prayers were with all of the victims.

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