In the first Democratic debate, few months ago, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said that he was “tired” of talking about the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails. The gesture was criticized by some who thought that Mr. Sanders was giving his major opponent a pass instead of exploiting an issue that could have benefitted him. His followers supported his decision, and many people contrasted it with the attitude seen in the Republican primaries.

Tonight it was Mr. Sanders who was surrounded by a scandal, after his campaign illegally accessed data belonging to Mrs.

Clinton’s campaign. The first question of the debate addressed this issue, and once again Mr. Sanders proved to be a man of principle by apologizing to Mrs. Clinton and his supporters. “This is not the type of campaign that we run”.

According to the senator this isn’t the first time that his campaign has had access to Mrs. Clinton’s data. Two months ago his staff reported to the Democratic National Committee that they had found data belonging to the other campaign on their computers. This time, the staffer who found the data decided to open it instead of reporting it to the DNC.

Mr. Sanders, who called the matter a serious issue, said he had fired the staffer and that he’d fire more people if they were involved in the incident.

On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton was very gracious and accepted his apology. “I don’t think the American people are all that interested in this,” said the former secretary

Both candidates promised to support an independent investigation that would find out what happened and how this data was breached.

But while the scandal may be over, at least if nothing comes out of the independent investigation, these events have raised another flag for those who feel suspicious of the DNC’s attitude towards Mr. Sanders’ Campaign.

When they found out about the breached data on Friday, they decided to punish Mr. Sanders’ campaign by suspending their access to their own data. Mr. Sanders replied by filing a lawsuit against the DNC on Friday afternoon.

Supporters of Mr. Sanders have criticized the treatment that their candidate is receivingfrom the DNC. Even though his team's access was restored on Saturday, a few hours before the debate, many believe that the party is biased towards Mrs. Clinton.

The DNC is only hosting sixdebates in this election season for their primaries, and having scheduled some of them for Saturday nights doesn’t benefit the lesser known candidates. But not all has been negative for Mr. Sanders; a few hours before the debate Politico reported that, on Friday alone, his campaign raised a million dollars from his supporters.

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