Although Russian and Egypt authorities still haven’t confirmed it officially, aviation experts who were present when the flight recorders where investigated reported on French television stations that there is no doubt a bomb exploded prior to the crash. The flight recorder revealed that during the first 24 minutes of the flight everything was fine and suddenly an explosion was heard, followed by a power loss. Had it been due to a technical failure, the data on the flight recorders would have been completely different.

Add to that the fact that satellite images show a flash just before the crash, a terrorist attack is the only explanation. American officials also reported they intercepted “chatter” of militant groups in Sinai to support the bomb theory.

There are suspicions that someone smuggled a bomb into the cargo bay, which raises questions about Egypt’s airport security.

Nearly all flights to Sharm-el-Sheikh are now canceled.

The UK decided earlier this week to repatriate all 20,000 tourists that are currently in Egypt.

Due to the extra traffic at the airport of all tour operators however, not all additional planes are allowed to land at the moment, with the result that thousands of English passengers are stranded at the airport.

Belgian tour operator, JetAirFly, first decided that returning passengers were only allowed on the plane with carry-on luggage and the other luggage would return later. At this moment they have their own security personal at the airport to manually check all passengers check-in luggage, which they then have to carry to the plane themselves.

Denmark and Russia also decided to cancel all flights to Egypt.

This may be a disaster for the Egyptian economy.

At the peak in 2010, 14.7 million of tourists generated revenue of $12.5 billion for the Egyptian economy. After the Arab Spring of 2011, the number of visitors had dropped to 9 million in 2013 with an income drop of nearly 50%, and even more in 2014.

This is actually a victory for ISIS.

ISIS has managed to spread fear around the world and destabilize the countries in the Middle East.

So far bombing has been more an Al-Qaida specialty, while ISIS has been known for its barbaric decapitations and terror. This is also a warning to any country in the world that wants to mingle in the Syrian War, that ISIS can strike anywhere and their citizens will not be safe anymore.

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