Two Louisiana police officers arrested in the shooting death of a six-year-old autistic boy during a police standoff face second degree murder and attempted second degree murder charges after the child was killed in his father’s car. The father, Christopher Few, and his son were shot and the father is in critical condition.

The officers arrested were Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32. They are the ones that took part in the shooting that killed Jeremy Mardis on Tuesday night in Marksville, La.

which is around 90 miles northwest of Baton Rouge. The shooting occurred on a dead end street in town, and the boy is reported to have been hit by five bullets in the head and chest while the officers chased his father’s car.

Father of slain boy had no arrest warrant pending

Officials say it is unclear as to why the officers opened fire on the car, as the father was not armed and there was no record of an arrest warrant issued for the man.

The incident occurred during a traffic stop involving the two police officers and the car in which Mardis and his father were traveling.

Jeremy Mardis died while strapped into the front seat of the vehicle and Few was injured when the police officers fired on them. Recordings from a third officer’s dash camera is reported as being “disturbing.”

Police officers arrested were working a second job

Two other marshals that also took part in the car chase have not been charged. Stafford and Greenhouse are locked in the Avoyelles Parish Detention Center in Cottonport, La., which is around 10 miles from Marksville.

They are being kept separately from the general population of prisoners at the facility.

Greenhouse is listed as a full-time police lieutenant for the Marksville Police Department and Stafford is listed as a marshal in Alexandria. Both were working in the capacity of their second jobs as city marshals at the time of the shootings.

The two officers first told officials that Few tried to back up his car and leave the scene, but the police car was reported to have sustained only minor damage.

Investigators are trying to determine what caused 18 shots to be fired at an unarmed man and his son, which resulted in the boy’s death and two officers arrested.

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