Resignation letters are expected to be mailed out by hundreds of Mormons as part of a Mormon backlash over the new Church policy banning children of gay Mormon couples from baptism, and calling their parents apostates. The Mormon church has been against same sex marriages for quite some time, but this latest decision has caused even more of a Mormon backlash and anger from Mormon parents.

The policy that was approved last week by Mormon church leaders who added same-sex marriage to the Church’s list of acts that are considered as a renunciation of the faith and thereby make the affected church members subject to being disciplined by theChurch or even excommunicated.

The policy comes after a June landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 US states. In an odd twist, the Church earlier this year supported passage of laws protecting the rights of gays and lesbians against housing and employment discrimination.

Mormon backlash due to how policy affects couples’ children

Much of the Mormon backlash is over the fact that the new Church policy prohibits either natural or adopted children from same-sex married couples from being baptized in the Mormon faith until the children are 18, leave home, and renounce same-sex marriage or same-sex cohabitation.

Due to this outcry from some of the Mormon Church members, the Church leaders modified the new policy Friday.

The change was made to clarify that only children living with same sex couples as their primary residence were included. For instance, if the child only spends weekends with the same sex couple, they are not covered by the new ruling.

If the same-sex couple have children who have already been baptized in the Mormon faith, the requirements of the new policy don’t stop the children from being allowed to take place in Church rites and privileges, said Mormon leaders.

Protesters gather on Saturday, say they plan hundreds of resignations

More than 700 protesters are expected to gather together Saturday at a city park in Salt Lake City, Utah, located across the street from the Mormon Church headquarters and most of them say they will be mailing their resignation letters and they expect hundreds more to also mail out resignations from the church.

Resigning from the Mormon Church isn’t as easy as just sending off a letter, however. A lawyer is expected to be on hand to help handle the required paperwork. A Church spokesperson said that the Church didn’t want to see anyone leave the Mormon Church, especially if they were struggling with some aspect of their lives. However, the Mormon backlash this week has brought many members to the point of resignation after the new policy involving children of same-sex couples.

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