At around 3:45 PM Eastern Time, followers of quarterback Doug Flutie got a Facebook message that his beloved parents had passed away within an hour of each other.

Flutie stated that his father, Dick, had been ill and in the hospital and suffered a fatal heart attack. Less than an hour later, his mother, Joan, also died of a heart attack. The couple had been married for 56 years.

Dying of a broken heart

You hear about it around the water cooler and camp fire, about how a devoted couple passes away within a short time of each other, and pass it off as another urban legend.

However, this time it is all too real for former quarterback Doug Flutie and his family who have lost both parents within 30 minutes of each other.

In his Facebook statement former quarterback Doug Flutie said that it has been said that people can die of a broken heart and he now believes it. He praised his parents for all they did for himself and his siblings, his dad coaching them and his mother working the concession stands at the games they played in. He said that they were incredible parents and grandparents and they will be greatly missed by the family.

Quarterback Doug Flutie had a long career in football

Flutie rose to prominence as a quarterbackat Boston College where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1984, and is maybe best known for a Hail Mary touchdown pass against Miami that year. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest moments in American and college Football sports history.

His earlier years as a professional were spent in the United States Football League (USFL). He debuted with the National Football League (NFL) with the Chicago Bears in 1986, was traded to the New England patriots in 1987, where he stayed until 1989.

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He then went to the Canadian Football League where he won three Grey Cups (equivalent to Super Bowl), first with the Stampeders and then with the Toronto Argonauts. He was awarded the greatest Canadian Football League player of all time and was the first non-Canadian inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2007.

Back to the NFL

He then came back to the NFL in 1998 to the Buffalo Bills. He went on to play for the San Diego Chargersin 2001 and then signed on in 2005 with the New England Patriots.

He announced his retirement from football in May 2006, at the age of 43. He currently services as an NBC television Notre Dame football broadcaster.

Quarterback Doug Flutie is left behind along with his two brothers, a sister, and multiple grandchildren by the deaths of his parents Richard and Joan Flutie. Our condolences go out to all their family and friends.

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