A raging fire consumed the expanse of one apartment Saturday in one of Chicago's tallest skyscrapers. The John Hancock Center, which stretches 99 stories into the sky, saw flames leaping from midway up its impressive height as a fire ignited on the 50th floor.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, the fire began in one of the apartments housed within the skyscraper, and completely gutted the home. The fire is expected to have ignited in the bedroom before moving throughout the remainder of the condo. While the fire was largely devastating to the residents of that one apartment, it was completely contained and did not burn its way into any other condominiums.

Five people were injured in the blaze, but thankfully all are doing well. Three of theskyscraper fire victims are in "stable condition," while two remain in "good condition." The following Twitter post from the Chicago Fire Media page shows pictures of the skyscraper while it was ablaze.

Deputy commissioner of the Chicago Fire Department, John McNicholas, stated that the fire was contained fairly quickly, within about 30 minutes, and the injuries sustained by those caught in the skyscraper fire included both smoke inhalation as well as a twisted ankle.

While the fire did not destroy any other apartments, the entire 50th floor is not suitable for residing in at this time, and all those who live there must find temporary accommodations elsewhere.

The John Hancock Center consists of condominiums on the upper levels, and the rest of the skyscraper houses retail stores, corporate offices, and an observation floor.

Shoppers were curious but not daunted by the surprising fire as they continued to go about their business in the various destinations housed within the large skyscraper. The Chicago Fire Department searched every floor, as well as stairwells and hallways, to be sure that no one else was harmed by the fire.

Apparently, though the cause of the skyscraper fire was ruled an accident, there are no specific details as of yet.

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