The music band told about the tragedy that happened in Bataclan on November 13. The terrorists entered the Bataclan venue by force and started shooting people.

After shooting, the front man of theEagles of Death Metal, Jesse Hughes, rushed looking for his girlfriend in the Bataclan music hall. He ran to the hall entrance and saw the shooter. Jesse understood that all the people were following him at that moment. He turned back and started keep them off the entrance door.

Hughes ran to an emergency exit but couldn’t find his girlfriend. Only when he heard her voice, did he leave the Bataclan music hall.

According to Jesse, people were just frightened and couldn’t make a move. Music players had to yell at them to run.

The other player of the Eagles of Death Metal says that he was in another part of the hall when he heard the shooting behind himself, then he saw people falling on the floor. The musician also added that he saw the shooter pointing, the terrorist made a shot but missed, the bullet hit the control panel, the pieces of it flew to bits.

““There were people dragging their friends who had been shot. It was just chaos, blood everywhere, people crying, trying to get away from the venue," he also said.

The interview was very emotional. At some moments, musicians couldn’t say even a word because of emotions and tears.

Jesse Hughes says that he is looking forward to go on the Eagles of Death Metal tour. He wants to visit Paris again and give a concert in Bataclan right after the re-opening of that venue.

On November 13, a series of terrorist attacks was made in Paris. On the night of Paris attacks, in total, 130 personswere the victims of the attacks, tens injured.

Terrorists divided into several parts, one of the groups set off several explosions near the Stade de France stadium during the France-German football playing. The second group of terrorists took innocent civilians hostage in the Bataclan venue. The third group assaulted several restaurants and killed 40 persons in total.

Eight terrorists were shot dead at the scenes of crimes.

After the Paris attacks, the world community discussed the opportunity of forming an international coalition against the ISIS.

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