Indonesia, which is a country that is known for having some of the harshest drug laws in the world, is looking to build a new prison that is going to be guarded by crocodiles. This new direction is part of a new anti-drug program that the current anti-drugs chief, Budi Waseso, is undertaking. The crocodiles are only part of this new approach at housing death row inmates who were found guilty of major drug violations.

The prison that these lizards are going to be guarding is proposed to be an island that will separate the convicts from the rest of the population, while also being more cost-effective than regular prisons.

The other upsides that Waseso has pointed out includes the lack of corruption, since crocodiles don’t accept bribes, and they will also act as a better deterrent when it comes to escapes.

The final plans for this new prison system have not been approved or presented yet. This project is still in its early stages, but it reflects the growing problems that Indonesia has been seeing within the country’s judicial system. Over the past years, Indonesia has been at the center of numerous controversies including using firing squads to execute drug smugglers. The crocodile prison is being looked at as a way to fix a system that has already reached a state of emergency for the wide-spread corruption and the increasing use of narcotics in the country.

Talks are still going on about the location and implication of this prison. There have been voices showing support for this idea, as it would make it difficult for gangs to recruit and would also make it more difficult for traffickers to buy their way to a more comfortable life in prison.

Unlike other prisons that exist within the country, the crocodile prison is going to be used only to house inmates who are on death row.

Many of these convicts are believed to be responsible for the growing number of smugglers in the country and are also believed to be the ones most responsible for the high levels of corruption that has caused the nation to take these kinds of drastic measures.

Waseso hopes to equip the prisons with as many crocodiles that the water surrounding the island will be able to play home to.

He is planning on researching crocodiles more, including a trip to various locations around the country, to make sure that they are able to get the most dangerous and ferocious lizards that they can find. He hopes to make this prison as escape-proof as possible.

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