Starting March 2016, the Chinese government will effect a new change from one to two child policy formarried couples. The policy change was met with praise as a step in the right direction for democracy and openness. However, some believe that the new policy is just a means to the country achieving its goals for China’s five-year economic development plan.

In fact, some experts fear that this new two child policy will have the Chinese regime changing from forcing women into abortions to forcing them to have a second child.

According to Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, China isn’t known for doing anything just for ideology’s sake. He added that the country’s five year economic development plan shows real amounts of how many children they want born, which means they are planning the births the same way they plan the numbers of other things they want over the next five years.

Even with the two child policy, few Chinese want second child

After 35 years, the one-child policy ingrained upon the Chinese people, it appears that few married couples want another child.

Even with a two child policy, most couples report that they simply can’t afford to have two children, even for those allowed two under previous laws. Some wonder if China will end up following the lead of Kim Jong Un in North Korea, who recently banned abortions there in order to get their declining population rate up. Mosher even believes the Chinese may move from forcing abortions, as was done in the past during the one child policy rules, to forcing women to become pregnant.

Additionally, the new allowance of two children only applies to married couples, which is complicated by the fact that the Chinese aren’t allowed to get married until they are in their mid-20s.

Previouspolicy imposed fines, loss of basic utilities, jobs

This has resulted in many Chinese young people indulging in pre-marital sex, say the studies, and some of the women have become pregnant and were forced to have abortions if they didn’t agree to have one when they found out about the pregnancy.

The harshness of the previous one child policy also applied when a couple managed to somehow have a second child without permission, as a hefty fine was charged that equaled up to five years of the family’s annual income in order to legally register the second child. Plus, the family risks the husband losing his job and being cut off from basic things like electricity or water. Otherwise, if not registered, the child can’t go to school, get healthcare, etc.

So, time will tell how the new two child policy works and if the Chinese people comply in having more than one child.

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