Yet another potentially tragic high school attack, a plot for shooting students and faculty, was prevented by fellow students whowillingly alerted a School Resource Officer of warning signs posted on social media by one of the suspects. As a result, two unnamed juvenile males aged 16 and 17 from Riverbend High School in Spotsylvania, Virginia have been arrested and are being held in the Rappahannock Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

The investigation

According to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office, High School administrators and police deputies worked together amidsocial media threats against the school by one of the suspects, once they were alerted by concerned students on campus.

The juvenile who made the internet threats was arrested by officers on October 12, originally charged with "threatening violence by means of Internet,” a felony.

As the investigation progressed, a second student was arrested on October 23 for alleged involvement in the plot to kill students and staff. Now both students are facing “conspiracy to commit murder” charges. No other students have been linked to the threats or plot.

The students involved had planned to call in a bomb threat and then shoot teachers, students and administrators as they evacuated the building.

Working together to prevent tragedy

The Sheriff’s office has a School Resource Officer (SRO) program where specially trained deputies are assigned to schools in the district and around the county.

They work closely with school students, teachers and administrators in an attempt to quickly and seamlessly identify any potential threat to safety. As a result of the program, Sheriff Roger Harris commented, “We were able to mitigate the danger, long before it presented any chance of coming to fruition and there was no immediate threat to the safety of the kids."

Riverbend principal Tom Wright reportedly wrote notes to parents to commend the students who were responsible for alerting officials of the threat.

Wright urged all parents to talk to their children, indicating that “cooperation is important for everyone’s safety.”

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