The New York Police Department has arrestedDalone Smack Jamison as a suspect in thedeadly shooting that killed a 24-year-old woman on October 12, at a nightclub in theposh Flatiron District. Jamison was arrestedon October 13 in Brooklyn, after the police received a tip that he was hiding in the location. According to police sources, he was a repeat offender and taken to 13th Precinct stationhouse where three witness identified him. Police have not yet found the weapon used for the shooting but they have to procure a warrant to search his house and car.

Dalone Smack Jamison,aged 26 years, had been thrown out of the nightclub Motivo on October 12club. He then returned around the closing time, at 4:00am, opened fire and ended up killing his friend, who was celebrating her 24th birthday. The victim was identified as Walikque Faussett.

"We believe he's the person who shot the three individuals and killed 24-year-old Walikque Faussett," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

Soon after the incident, Jamison also posted a photo of both himself and Faussett on Instagram.

As per eyewitness statements, Jamison was kicked out from the Motivo club after he entered into an argument with an unidentified woman.He had vowed to return back with a gun. It is not clear as to whether he had targeted Faussett or the bouncers. Security personnel threw Jamison out from the club since he was causing trouble.

Police sources suspected a bouncer for causing the attack but he pleaded innocence after he came to know that he was being hunted by New York Police Department.Hehad published a post on social media which referred to Faussett by her nickname - Grace.

"Sleep in peace grace everybody got something to say that was my f-?-king friend I would never do no dumb s-?-t people make stories and everybody run with it if u knw me u know I ain’t no dumb n-?-?-a…. I’m not hiding cuz I ain’t do s-?-t I’m him and I’m always gonna be good."

According to reports coming in, Jamison used a gun which he retrieved from his BMW and waited on the street for the club to close.

He fired five shots with his gun when the members were about to leave. Faussett was fatally struck and fell unconscious. In the meantime, Jamison jumped into his car and escaped before Police reached the spot.

Jamison didn't spare Faussett’s son since the 3 year old was struck in the back while she attempted to board a cab near Fifth Avenue. Renee Rondot, friend of Jamison was hit in the foot and hips.

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Deborah Raji who was present in the location was also shot in her shoulder.

"She was the perfect daughter," Wali, Faussett's dad said outside Bellevue Hospital, where she died. He further told that she graduated from SUNY Canton with a criminal justice degree and was worked at Bloomingdale's in White Plains.

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