With the announcement early this month about the closing of one of Worcester’s well known music venue, theLucky Dog Music Hall, many where questioning what the future may hold for this club. A new owner has been announced, Ted Kistner of Dudley.With the new ownership, the name of this venue will no longer be used but the vision of maintaining the spot for live music is still going to be the same. Being re-branded as The Cove Music Hall, the new owner aims at keeping the place alive and running, even while a trend of similar style venues are being forced to close their doors in the area.

The music that you can expect to find comes from the best local acts, ranging from cover groups to bands that have developed a following using mostly original pieces, performing in an upgraded hall.

Kistner is an experienced sound engineer who has worked with groups such as Devil Driver and Static-X. He plans to use this experience to give concert goers a place they can go to and see their favorites. Kistner is also going to have his own band, The Excrementals perform at the new venue as well.

The closing of live music venues in the state of Massachusetts is not unique to the Worcester. Even in Boston, there have been extremely high numbers of venues having to close their doors for a wide variety of reasons. Many popular music locations have gone under leaving a large number of people looking for a place that they can spend their money on drinks while seeing their favorite acts. Kistner aims at filling the void that has been left in the wake of the club closures.

The high level of club closures have many people worried that the live music scenes that have developed in the state are going to be set back due to the lack of locations that concerts can be hosted at.

The closing of The Lucky Dog Music Hall, when the announcement of the mission and new owner was revealed, feature local favorite Flock of Assholes whose front man was Lucky Dog Owner, Erik Godin.

The new name of the establish plays tribute to both the Lucky Dog and the original name of the bar; Sir Morgan’s Cove. In the 16 years of The Lucky Dog Music Hall, acts from all over the state have graced the stage and it was viewed by many as one of the best locations in the city to go to for a night.

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