In order to protect the children from the risks of second-hand smoke,EnglandandWaleshave announced that any adult who will be spotted smoking in a car or other vehicle with anyoneunder the age of 18present will be charged50 pounds. And no, opening the windows or the sunroof will not make you escape the punishment. The law also applies to anyone who will not stop the smoker if he spots one.

The main reason for the existence of this new ban is to protect children frompassive smoking, which can increase the risk ofasthma,meningitisandcancer. The British Lung Foundation,Penny Woods says that today is a true celebration for the people who care about the health of the upcoming generations.

This kind of ban already exists in mostUS States, as well asAustraliaandCanada, and The law does not apply to e-cigarettes, and any 17-year-old's found smoking in their own car will not be fined as long as they don't have anyone else in the same vehicle that'sunder 18. Meanwhile, what's interesting is that police admit that they will probably ignore this law, claiming that they have a lot

Health Minister Jane Ellison said: "Three million children are involved into a secondhand smoke risk in cars. We know that many children and adults are embarrassed or afraid of their parents smoke bite, so regulations are an step forward to protection the children from passive smoking".

Public Health England will start to raise its awareness campaign on the dangers of secondhand smoke in homes and cars that can lead to children's health damage.

PHE is also a campaign carried out during the year to raise awareness of the new legislation.

The regulations will begin to be a part of the already existing smoke free laws, and it would make the smoking in a vehicle with someone under the age of 18 stop . The regulations will not affect the driver if he's on his own in his vehicle.

What do you think about this new ban? Do you also agree that passive smoking is a serious threat to our young generations? Make sure to let us know.

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