The famous American show “America’s next top model” has announced its end at the end of this year. As we all know that this reality show is not just popular in U.S, but it is seen and followed all over the world. “America’s Next Top Model” was an inspiration for millions of viewers. But the sad News must have put down the smiles’ of their viewers.

America’s next top model was hosted by famous celebrity Tyra Banks. She is a former model and who else can understand the importance of this profession of modelling than Tyra Banks. And she is a great host of this show “ANTP”, as she performed this with all her dignity.

Hosted Marvellous Show

Not only has she hosted this show but also but also Tyra is the executive producer of this well known show. CW president mark Pedowitz- “America’s next Top Model was a successful franchise for two networks, first at UPN and then the CW, and it became not just a ratings hit, but a global pop culture phenomenon” he concluded- “I want to thank Tyra and ken for all their years of success in establishing a show that was not just popular in U.S., but all across the world.”

The show is in 22nd season and it has been 12 years, since Tyra Banks has produced the show. The last time the show will be on air is on 4th December. You may also want to know the words from Tyra Banks about the end of the show America’s next Top Model.

Then here it is , what is twitted-“ The series finale of #ANTM #cycle22 & final Top model show ever will air on Friday, December 4th. My birthday #ironic.”This Show proved its worth by introducing concepts like Smizing. Smizing is an art of “Smiling with One’s eyes”. It also showed the path to many talented youngsters and the aspiring personality to achieve, what they want in their life in the profession of modelling.

Launched New Careers

America’s Top model has launched the careers of starts like Yaya Dacosta, Eva Pigford. This shows’ achievement doesn’t end here. It has also produced some TV gold. You might also have not forgotten the episodes like bank lost her cool with a wayward contestant? Or when Rebecca fainted?The more secret revealed related that it was in talks to assemble a retrospective special targeted to air late 2016.

Although Tyra Banks has tackled other TV projects during the run of “America’s Next top model” including a daytime talk Show, which she herself titled. This had 5 seasons. In September this year she launched a new lifestyle syndicated talk show “Fablife”. That is shown on Disney/ABC.She definitely can impress her audience with her skill. And it will not give you a shock, if you come to know that she has over 12 million followers on Twitter. But will miss her performance in the show – “America’s Next Top Model.”

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