Pope Francis - Sovereign of Vatican City Statewill be the thirdPope to ever visit the USA. But before arriving at Joint Base Andrews, he’s taking a quick trip to Cuba.

Pope Francis inHavana

Recently relieved from the commercial blockade and diplomatically reconnected to the world, Cuba is putting up a great spectacle to the Vatican leader. But, so far, it doesn’t seem to impress him.

Apart from the frowns during President Raul Castro’s speech, Francis used his own microphone time to discretely critique the Castro Dynasty and to call for greater freedom of religion in Cuba.

Of course he was polite and kind to the people, but being one of the most politically active people to ever occupy his position, a political agenda is to be expected. Since his arrival in Havana, his little remarks and disapproving looks are taking the scene.

Francis is the third Pope to visit Cuba, and the third to claim for greater space for the Catholic Church in a Communist, and, therefore, atheist country.

Francis' visit to Washington, DC

Pope Francis’ visit to DC is scheduled to begin on September 23, 2015.

And when the Pope does come to the United States of America, he’ll be making history. On September 24, at 9:20 a.m., he is to address a Joint Congress Meeting, being the first Pope to do so, one day before his speech beforethe United Nation's General Assembly.

What will happen is still not clear, since the Pope is not only a political leader, but a religious one too. Many topics are to be expected, since he’s talked about them many times, such as environmental changes and social justice, especially in regards to gender equality.

There is no telling of how the Congresspeople will react to His Holiness’ points of view, for we know how many of them behave themselves when other politicians talk about these subjects.

And there is always the surprise element of what he’s about to say. The Pope has made his critics before, and there is no telling of what he’s about to say in the very heart of capitalism.

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