Migration increasing specially in Africa and EU countries is the current emerging topic of the year. European difficulty in absorbing migrantsis not only due to cultural or religious differences but also (unlike the US, Canada, Australia) to the lack of history of being a land of immigration.European Union has in the past several years committed a number of political blunders that have aggravated the crisis and created instability on its borders.Increasing migration in Europe day by day.

Migrants Arrived in Europe

The European Council on Refugees and Exiles says five EU countries are handling 70 percent or more of those seeking asylum in Europe Germany, France, Hungary, Italy and Sweden.

Minos Mouzourakis from the council migrations says that this was the case in 2014 and these discrepancies and inequalities in distribution have been exacerbated this year.Germany alone received nearly 180,000 asylum applications nearly the number that it had received for the whole of the previous year. The organization found that more than 380,000 refugees and increasing of migrants have arrived in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean this year and more than 258,000 of them landed in Greece.

Latest Migrations

Denmark became the latest flashpoint in Europe's migration crisis on Thursday as the country gave free passage to refugees to Sweden. The country’s national train operator DSB said on Thursday it was now allowing refugees to travel through the country for free.Sweden expects to receive 80,000 refugees this year and has more asylum seekers per capita than any other European nation.

Sweden’s prime minister attacked Denmark’s unfortunate decision to send trains onward to its neighbor without attempting to register anyone on board, as the pressure of the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War pushed EU asylum rules to breaking point.

They say that the country which refugees first come to is the country where the should be registered.

This is how we act in Sweden and we intend to follow the rules. Danish police announced that they would no longer detain refugees aiming to travel through the country to Sweden, after days of chaos at its borders with Germany as security forces tried to curb the rising inflow. 3,200 people have entered the country since Sunday as a wave of migrants many of them Syrian pushes north through Europe in the hope of refuge.

Barack Obama Announced

Barack Obama announced to let 10,000 Syrian refugees to U.S Lithuania's government says it will accept 1,105 refugees Hungary's minister for human resources says the country secretly settled 1,000 Christian families from Iraq and Egypt last year and in 2013.Unfortunately, EU has yet no solution to this crisis. It is simply lost: with no strategy, no policy and no ideas. Not that the problem is easy. latest migration But the only approach that might begin to produce something that resembles a solution would be multilateral, not solely amongest EU members (as in the current, strongly contested, idea of allocating migrants among EU deal with economic migration.member countries), but in including also the emitting countries from Africa.

A general system of both emitting and receiving country quotas seems the only way to impose some order and stability.

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