Desperate migrants flooded the Hungarian border Wednesday as the Hungarian police fight back with tear gas, water cannons, razor wire and other deterrents after they closed the borders to more Syrian refugees. The shutdown of the Hungarian border is causing panic and bottlenecks as the desperate migrants try to escape from Syria and other places beaten down by war.

Hungary Arrests Illegal, Desperate Migrants Trying to Cross Border

Hungary is also arresting any illegal fleeing refugees who try to sneak over their border and have already arrested more than 500.

Authorities have already criminally prosecuted 46 migrants and have expelled two of them so far, one was banned from coming back to Hungary for one year and the other was banned for two years.

Hungary’s choice to keep out the desperate migrants has angered the Serbians, as the Serbian minister Aleksandar Vulin was said to have protested Hungary’s decision to treat the migrants harshly. He said that Hungary should instead be ready to take them in and accept them. Hungary’s government has alsoshut down the main land route that goes into the European Union, thus deciding on its own to stop the flow of refugees into their country.

Other Countries Also Blocking Fleeing Migrants

Hungary is not the only country deciding to block the fleeing refugees from its borders, as several other European countries have done the same. For instance, Austria has decided that the migrants will have to go through a precise checkpoint and will have to apply for asylum there in order to be accepted into their country.

France too, has announced that it is ready to create controls at their border, which would roll back the Schengen program, which for the past 20 years has been attempting to open European internal areas.

In addition, Poland announced that they are willing to take in some of the migrants, but they want control over the situation and the entry of the migrants first.

Luxembourg’s foreign minister Jean Asselborn, who is also the EU president, announced to lawmakers that there is going to be a vital change in how the plans to take care of the migrants will be handled that is coming up for debate next week.

Originally, the plan was to take these now desperate migrants from several places and relocate them in other countries over the next two years, but this may change depending on the results of the debate.

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