The police of Baden-Württemberg reported serious conflicts in the refugee camp of Donaueschingen between fanatic muslims of different branches. The incident was about the use of showers. No one was hurt but two people were detained. In the refugee camp are living 1600 immigrants of different countries together.

The chairman of the german police union mentioned that violence often happens between different groups of muslims. Conflicts are sometimes fought with knives or self-made weapons.

Little things can cause a huge fight because there are so many different people living together in a small space, originating from different countries, with different religious background.


Especially christian refugees are being threatened.  “I ran away from the Iranian secret service to Germany, to be able to profess my Christian believes and now I am being threatened again” related Said. “During Ramadan I had to get up before sunrise to eat and they spit on me when I refused to do that. They treated me like an animal and threatened to kill me in my sleep”

Said is not the only reported case of violence in the camps. Another Syrian mentioned that some of the fellow inhabitants were quoting Koran verses like ISIS did before they decapitated their hostages.

“Christians cannot openly wear a cross” said reverent Gottfried Martens, who’s very much involved to protect the Christians coming from the Middle East. “Anyone who is not praying to Mecca five times a day is in danger”.

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The fundamental muslims want to install the Sharia, the muslim law,  where ever they go.

According to the German immigration minister Bilkay Öney the situation is getting very tense because of the vast number of immigrants that arrived in a very short period of time. Several German areas reported that they have reached their limits and can’t accept any more people.

The German government already agreed to take measure to limit the new arrivals. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor is being criticized a lot for the way she handled the crisis over the recent months.