There is a political cliché that says: “Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line”. Seems like this election season not all Democrats have fallen in love with their frontrunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The democratic primaries were meant to be taken as a little more than a formality, as she was going to get elected by popular acclamation, or so it seemed. When she was challenged by US Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, no one thought this was a real challenge. Today a little over three months after Sanders launched his campaign, he is giving Clinton a real fight for the nomination.

In the latest Iowa poll, conducted by the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics, Sanders is polling at 30%, just 7 points behind the former Secretary of State. The poll that has been conducted five times this year has Sanders in an ascending trend. The Senator has risen 25 points since the beginning of the year, while Clinton has fallen 19. Her unfavorable numbers have also gone up to 19% among Democrats, more than doubling Sanders’. J. Ann Selzer, who conducted the poll for the Des Moines Register, said: “This feels like 2008 all over again”.

New Hampshire, the second state to participate in the primaries after Iowa, also brought bad News to Clinton’s campaign. A poll released last week by Public Policy Polling has her trailing Sanders by 7 points. This is a major hit to Clinton, who in 2008 revived her campaign after defeating then Senator Obama in the Granite State.

Still it is too early to know if Sanders will be able to pull this through.

We have yet to see him debate Clinton. Until now he has been able to stay on message, which has helped him grow in popularity, but he still needs to be asked some questions on his record on immigration, racial issues, and gun control, important subjects within the democratic base.

Senator Sanders campaign has been able to attract the biggest number of supporters to his events, regardless of what Donald Trump says, in this election season.

Nonetheless, the question about Sanders being electable in national election remains the same, can America elect a self-proclaimed-socialist?

The Iowa Caucuses are five months away, by then we will have a clearer view of what may happen. Vice President Biden may make a late jump into the race. But if Sanders manages to take Iowa, and keeps his lead in New Hampshire, there is no stopping the Bern train.

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