Ashley Madison is one of many dating websites. Nevertheless, the website is recently extremely popular because hackers have stolen personal data of its users. What is more, they have revealed confident documents like names, email addresses, physical descriptions and sexual preferences to the public by revealing them onthe internet.

Why? What were the hackers’ purposes?

Ashley Madison is a website dedicated to married people who want to have casual and discreet sexual encounters.

The motto of the company is ‘Life is short. Have an affair’. There are over 39 million users from all over the world who want to have an affair. The purpose of the website was definitely inappropriate for the hackers who called themselves as Impact Team, so they decided to reveal the data of 37 million users on public sites. The list of names includes business people, YouTube stars, politicians and many more famous people what was a huge suprise for their families and friends.


Early divorce proceeding, unconfirmed suicides and many more. The hackers provided us the possibility to see who from our neighbourhood has cheated the spouse, get some information about sexual preferences and of course receive a credit card number. The hackers’ action has also its serious consequences. The list of victims grows longer by the day.

Nowadays, the FBI investigate the case and the owners of Ashley Madison want to catch the hackers before police does and offer $500,000 to anyone who can help police finding the Impact Team. Is it really possible? We are not so sure, but many people will try to find the hackers.

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Donald Trump

Unconfirmed reports of two suicides

Police in Toronto suggest that two men have killed themselves because of the Ashley Madison hack. Many people’s life is likely to be ruined. For instance, according to reports, there are more than 1,000 Saudi Arabian email addresses in the database. One of the homosexual users of Ashley Madison is scared that he can be killed, because homosexuality is punishable by death in his country.

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