Whenyou think of the Detroit Tigers, youthink of Miguel Cabrera. What you don't think of is the possibility of the 2015Detroit Tigers failing to qualify for the playoffs. With a star studded teamthat also includes All-star lefty David price and power hitter Yoenis Cespedes.The expectation is to be relevant come October baseball, or well that's how it has been for the last few years.

As of July 21st, the Tigers saw themselves 9.5 games behind the Kansas City Royals in the AL Central, and four games behind awild card spot with a record of 46-46. Chasing the surprises of 2015 so far inthe Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins.

This is not a place the Tigers usuallyfind themselves in, especially in the last five years that included fourconsecutive years of winning the ALCentral Division with more than 88 wins in each season.

So why the troubles? The Tigers lead the entire MLB in batting average at .278 leadingthe second place Royals by three points. It seems that I use this saying a lot,but in the Tigers case it couldn't be truer. "Defense winschampionships" Although Detroit is among one of the better teams in thefield, their pitching has been absolutely dreadful this season. Besides Pricewho has been having a great season with a 9-3 record and a 2.32 ERA, the Tigersdo not have a starting pitcher who has an ERA that is lower than 4.32.

On topof that, you add your All-Star firstbase in Miguel Cabrera who was batting .350 before being injured won't returnuntil August.

So what does all of this mean? A Tigers franchise who has had somuch success in recent years but have not won a World Series since 1984. With the MLB trade deadline upcoming, GMDombrowski of the Tigers says they could be sellers instead of buyers for thefirst time in a long time.

Yoenis Cespedes and David Price were brought in towin games and make this team a championship team, now while they have donetheir jobs well, they find themselves on the inside looking out. With bothplayers becoming free agents at seasons end, Dombrowski says there is a strongchance that at least one of these players if not both will be traded.

Now whytrade a guy who leads your team with a 9-3 record and a 2.32 ERA and someoneelse who is a sure fire power hitterwith an average of .289 with 13 homeruns. 

The likeliness of the Tigers making the playoffs if their pitching continues this way is slim to nonehaving to make up four games. Sure, it may sound ridiculous giving up your twobest players and perhaps the best southpawin the major league, but that's business.  The best case scenario for theTigers right now would be to keep both premiere players. Go on a streak, whichthey are fully capable of doing and make a run at the World Series. Worst casescenario would be to trade both guys and get virtually nothing in return.Something that in this case would be practically impossible with the talent ofthese two guys, the Tigers are almost guaranteed to get something good back inreturn, rather than losing them to free agency this winter. 

Whether they trade these two players or not.

Tigers fans are guaranteed to have a prettyexciting last half of the season. What do you think should happen? Should theTigers stick it out and try and find a way to win or ship these All-Stars out, get some solid piecesback and try and claw at the deficit that way and get ready for next season. Itjust doesn't seem like the Tigers are a team that isn't right there come theplayoffs so expecting them to be right there would not be out of hand. 

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