After Presidential Candidate and billionaire Donald Trump's controversial comments about illegal immigrants a flurry of fallout has occurred. As you will recall, Trump said the following: "Mexico is not sending us their best. They are sending criminals, drug dealers, and rapists. I am sure there are some decent people mixed in as well, but rest assured, Mexico isn't giving us the cream of the crop."

As a result of Trump's comments, several retailers have cut ties with him. Macy's Department Store in New York City and the Miss Universe Pageant were the first to go.

Now the mattress giant Serta has just now announced that they also are parting ways with the controversial businessman. In a statement, Serta said the following:

"Our company values diversity and Mr. Trump's controversial statements are something that we simply cannot condone or endorse. As a result, we are cutting ties with Mr. Tump effective immediately."

Ironically, these defections from the Trump come on the heels of "the Donald" surging in the Republican polls. He is a distinct second in the New Hampshire poll behind Jeb Bush and he is tied for second with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson in the Iowa polls as well.

Trump has had a long history of flirting with running for President of the United States before. He briefly considered running for president in the 2012 election before deciding against it in order to focus more on his "Apprentice" television show. Trump is no stranger to controversy as he has a very blunt style that is off-putting to some people.

So far an interesting situation seems to be taking place.

Although Trump is getting negative reactions from his business partnerships, he seems to be surging in the polls as a result of his blunt style. Could it be possible that ordinary people actually appreciate it when an individual running for office strives to "tell the truth"? Based on Trump's latest poll numbers this would appear to be so. Of course, the jury is still out on whether Trump is simply a "flash in the pan" or an actual legitimate contender for the 2016 Republican Nomination.

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