Donald Trump recently earned the ire of some breastfeeding advocates because of News involving a female lawyer he labeled as “disgusting.” Some even went far to question what kind of leadership he would have for ifhe wins the presidential elections.The news started when Elizabeth Beck told CNN about an incident that happened in 2011. According to her, Trump had an “absolute meltdown” after requesting to take a break so she could pump breast milk. Beck even went on saying that Trump walked out while his face turned red and shook an angry finger towards her direction.

Beck was also quoted in CNN indicating that he would make a bad President if he wins the elections because of his bad temper.

Thanks to social media; the news went global immediately. As a result, several active breastfeeding advocates call for a boycott for Trump’s presidential bid.

Donald Trump probably heard of the backlash and logged in to Twitter not to clear his name, but rather to voice more scathing remarks against Beck. The straight-talking mogul even went on to challenge CNN that they should have included as part of the news report that Beck did not win the case for him. He did not deny the allegations made by Beck as well. But he clarified that Beck wanted to pump breast milk while in front of him. Trump went further to challenge the female lawyer indicating that he considers Beck as an easy target. His rant went on that apart from not winning the case; Beck had him end up with legal fees.

Even before this news involving Beck circulated worldwide, Trump is well-known to have a bad temper. Thereality show"The Apprentice" often featured him screaming angrily towards the contestants. It is not the first time for Trump to be in the middle of an issue because of his outspoken nature. Just a couple of days ago, Trump even went on to challenge Obama for his Presidential bid.

It shows that Trump does not care who he is up with, regardless if it’s the President. There is a chance that Trump will continue with his tirade against Beck, especially if she answers his Twitter rants.

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