The third Gaza Freedom Flotilla has recently left Greek ports and is heading for the shores of Gaza. The tiny strip of land is home to 1.8 million people, constituting the most over-populated area on the planet. Israel has imposed a naval blockade on the strip since 2007, and has even shot at Palestinian civilian fishermen boats in international waters.

Since Israel's aggression on Gaza in 2014, in which 2,200 Gazans (mostly civilians) lost their lives, the strip has struggled to rebuild. Most homes destroyed are still in pieces, and vital medical provisions make the situation even harder.

The Freedom Flotilla, composed by the Swedish vessel Marianne av Göteborg, will bring solar panels and medical aid to the people of Gaza in order to aid them in building their energy independence as well as tend to their sick and wounded. Currently, Gaza is dependent on Israel to allow aid through via land, as well as for their electricity supply.

The attempts to reach Gaza's shores by the previous flotillas were met with violent retaliation by Israel's military. Between the two flotillas, twelve international activists lost their lives, due to the excessive use of force by the Israeli Defense Force (ISD), including nine Turkish citizens, who were killed in the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010.

The organizers of the flotilla have stated that they see "no reason" for Israel to act as they did previously. However, the IDF has warned that it will not allow any vessel to cross the border to reach Gaza. Should the Israeli security forces board the Marianne, the activists on board have signed oaths that they will only engage in passive and peaceful resistance.

The organizers of the Flotilla have stated that their goal is not only to bring necessary aid, but to peacefully force Israel to allow the free movement of ships to and from the Gaza strip, so that its inhabitants can benefit from trade and direct aid.

The Swedish trawler and its companion ship is expected to reach Gaza on Tuesday. Whether it will be attacked en route is anyone's guess, but given Israel's ultimatums, it is unlikely that it will be allowed to reach its destination.

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