Once in America and away from the inquisitive fleets of the paparazzi, Prince Harry is redefining his objectives. Although he has severed links with the British royal family, his name minus the Prince sounds strange. Therefore, to the media, he is still Prince Harry. His sights are now on HeadFIT – an online platform to cater to military personnel. He wants to help them ease their day-to-day stress problems and boost their self-confidence. This is quite different from the non-profit Archewell that Prince Harry and Meghan had announced earlier.

InStyle refers to the Royal Family website and says Prince Harry was in the Army for a long time and rose to the rank of Captain.

He had seen live-action in Afghanistan during his tenure in the Army and HeadFIT is a part of his continuing commitment to the military. This project will extend support to his fellow servicemen and will be beneficial to the target groups. He has devoted much of his time to develop the program. Its purpose is to encourage military personnel to seek help for mental health issues. It will offer 24/7 support to tackle stress and improve the self-confidence of those in the military. He posted a video to the HeadFIT website. It lays emphasis on the importance of viewing "your mind and body as one."

Mental fitness and Prince Harry

In the opinion of Prince Harry, the military community can play a major role to give shape to the rest of society.

The normal practice is to wait for things to happen and then try to come up with a solution. However, HeadFIT is a proactive approach to mental fitness. It lays focus on one's potential to improve performance using proven methods in sport science. Optimization of self is what matters because it is all about delivering the best.

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In other words, to be HeadFIT means one has to be at his peak.

In Style goes on to describe the project of Prince Harry. He says fitness is not just about the physical part like the speed at which an individual can run or his ability to carry weights.

There are other important invisible factors like mental fitness, strength, and resilience. These apply to not only when one is in uniform but has to extend to every aspect of survival. In order to remain fit in all respects, it is necessary to treat the mind and the body as a single unit and impart training to it accordingly.

Prince Harry has changed tracks

According to Hello Magazine, Prince Harry served in the army for ten years and has evolved an online platform HeadFIT to help military personnel manage stress in their lives. He began on his project three years back and its purpose is to provide self-help tools to those who need assistance to manage stress. He is confident that it will have a positive impact on the target group.

HeadFIT is a partnership between The Royal Foundation's Heads Together campaign, the Ministry of Defense, and King's College London. Dr. Vanessa Moulton provided clinical advice. The platform relies on normal tools like breathing exercises, body posture, and relaxation techniques. These are for the complete range of defense personnel irrespective of whether they are fresh recruits or veterans. The techniques are easy to master and can integrate into everyday lives.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and new options

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have moved out of the royal family and are on their own in America. They want to become financially independent and have begun to work on those lines. They have contacts with many Celebrities who might help them.

Meghan was the voiceover in a Disney movie “Elephants” and Harry has given shape to HeadFIT, an online platform to extend assistance to military personnel who might need to manage stress. He is passionate about the men in uniform and owns the charity Invictus Games. It was in the games in 2017 in Toronto that Prince Harry met Meghan for the first time.