The Duchess of Sussex was an American actor before her marriage to Prince Harry. Her name in those days was Meghan Markle and post marriage, she withdrew from her acting career and modified her lifestyle. She had to sacrifice many concepts and embrace new ones. The way she interacted with others helped her to enlarge her reach among the people. Today she is a mother and at the London premiere of “The Lion King,” she met one of her colleagues from the past. He was Billy Eichner who was the voiceover of Timon (Meerkat), one of the cast in the movie. Meghan and Billy have a common bond - Northwestern University.

Harper’s Bazaar quotes Billy Eichner as saying - "Meghan and I both went to college together—we were both theatre majors at Northwestern." He clarified that they were not acquainted with each other at the time but “were there at the same time." They met on the red carpet at the “The Lion King” premiere and exchanged pleasantries. Their conversation was casual in nature and touched upon their acting teachers. They also complimented each other on their successes.

When Meghan was an actor

Before becoming a member of the British Royal family, Meghan Markle used to be in the role of Rachel Zane in “Suits.” She was there for seven seasons and the final episode for her aired on April 2018.

That was just before her fairytale wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

Harper’s Bazaar says there were rumors that she could play a brief cameo role in a subsequent episode but they remain as rumors. Insiders have confirmed that there are no such plans. Of course, she is still interested in performing arts and she is integrating it with her duties as a royal.

In January, she took over one of the big roles from the Queen. It was that of the royal patron of the National Theater.

Meghan opens up about acting

According to the Huffington Post, the Duchess of Sussex announced soon after her engagement in November 2017 that she was shelving her acting career.

At that time, during an interview with a news channel, she mentioned about the transition out of her career. Recently, she met Billie Eichner who also studied with her at Northwestern University. Billie stars in the realistic remake of “The Lion King” and the two met at the London premiere of the film recently.

Meghan took the opportunity to discuss their old acting teachers in school. Billie described the duchess as “lovely” and added that the royal pair were “so cool and down to earth.” Ever since she entered the royal family, she changed gears to adapt to the new norms. However, she continues to have her way. This is borne out by her decision to bring up her son as a normal citizen minus the frills of the royalty.

She is now the patron of four charities and one of these is the National Theater.

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