It is common knowledge that President Donald Trump has a weakness for golf. He was forced to abandon his weekend golf games for nearly a month because he had to campaign for the midterm election. It was the longest stretch for him not playing golf as president and it is now over. He is enjoying his Thanksgiving break at Mar-a-Lago and took this opportunity to devote his time to play golf. In fact, he has spent his fourth day in a row sharpening his reflexes with the club and checking his hand-eye coordination.

Daily Mail UK reports that Wednesday was the first time he played after one month.

The venue was the Trump International Golf Course and he played for nearly six hours with golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. The next day he spent almost four hours at the golf course while on Friday, the duration was five hours.

Golf is an integral part of Trump’s life

There are as many as 17 different golf courses around the country run by the Trump Organization and two of these are near Mar-a-Lago. The president loves to enjoy a round of golf whenever he gets a chance. The frequent visits of the first family to the resort led to Mar-a-Lago getting the nickname of ‘Winter White House.’ Daily Mail UK goes on to add that as of October, Donald Trump has played golf 159 times since becoming president and most of these were at his properties in the country.

His love of the game is so intense that he would take a golf break and leave the White House on occasion.

Incidentally, the president used Mar-a-Lago to host foreign leaders.

One of them was President Xi Jinping of China and the other was Prime Minister Shinzō Abe of Japan. In fact, Trump and Abe had a round of golf when they met in April.

Donald Trump is back to golf

According to Sports Yahoo, the return of Donald Trump to golf is proof that his month long absence from golf was not because of any health issues.

After nearly one month, he has played golf during his weekend vacation at Mar-a-Lago, his luxury resort in Florida. During the past months, he took an unusually long break from golfing. Obviously, there were concerns in certain quarters about his health.

During the initial stages of his presidency, he used to play golf frequently and suddenly he began to stay at home on most weekends. Hence, the doubts arose. A website that keeps track of his golf says that he went golfing only twice in October and missed his golf in November but is now back at his resort in Florida to make up for lost time.