In what sounds like a scene from a Hollywood thriller, court papers obtained by a Mississippi daily, #Clarion Ledger, claim Canopy Children’s Solutions violated Mississippi law and the discretionary requests of a parent and minor.

In February, the admission staff requested to the parents of the then 15-year-old girl, to undergo the HPV vaccine upon enrollment. The mother refused the request, which is permitted in Mississippi and the facility, according to the Clarion Ledger.

The lawsuit claims the center’s case manager insisted that the girl receives the controversial vaccine. The girl refused. The case manager tried coercing the girl and even threatened that the minor wouldn’t be allowed to see her family that weekend if she didn’t receive the vaccine, according to the court papers obtained by Clarion Ledger.

Canopy denies wrongdoing

After a two hour struggle, where the 15-year-old physically resisted, she was then transported to a county health department, where she was injected the HPV vaccine, according to the same report. The court documents indicate Canopy Children’s Solutions admit to administering the vaccine, but deny forcing the girl and wrongdoing.

David Harris Jr, the lawyer defending the #Mother And Daughter, claims that CCS wore down the girl’s will, threatened and coerced, and violated “Notice of Rights” provision. Harris claims the case isn’t to debate the HPV vaccine, but rather the violation of a mother’s consent, according to Clarion Ledger.

Clarion Ledger didn’t specifically mention any monetary damages being sought by the plaintiffs in the case. This case is one of many heated examples around the U.S.

with regards to Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine.

2013's scathing report on HPV vaccine

Back in 2013, Washington Times reported a watchdog group had obtained information from the Department of Health and Human Services, claiming the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program awarded nearly $6 million to 49 victims, who had been injected with the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Also reported by Washington Times, 26 deaths were attributed to the vaccine that allegedly prevents Human Papillomavirus.

Judicial Watch brought the issue to the spotlight several years ago and reports states with laws that don’t require parental consent to a minor’s sexual reproductive health are unfairly and dangerously forcing these vaccines onto minors. In New York (a state that doesn’t require parental consent for a minor’s sexual reproductive health), a group of mothers are filing a lawsuit in connection with a case where a minor was injected with the HPV vaccine, suffered ongoing paralysis in her legs and was rushed to a hospital after receiving the shot.