The latest preview for "#Dragon Ball Super" revealed that things are going get rowdy in the next episode. The Saiyans are finally going to be the highlight of the ongoing Tournament of Power this weekend.

Caulifla challenges Goku, attempts Super Saiyan Blue transformation

The dreaded Tournament of Power finally commenced in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga of "Dragon Ball Super." In the previous episodes, Goku and Vegeta unleashed their #Super Saiyan forms, even forcing them to change into their second transformation against strong fighters from Universe 9.

While the two Universe 7 fighters were busy trying to get the fighters of Universe 9 eliminated, the Saiyan fighters from Universe 6 stood and watched in awe.

Caulifla and Kale finally witnessed the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

The preview for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 100 revealed that this perked Caulifla's interest and she has gone out of her way to ask Goku to teach her. However, given that being competitive is innate within their race, the two went against each other and even unleashed their first transformations.

Earlier spoiler updates for the ongoing arc of the anime series already unveiled that Caulifla and Goku's fight has somehow gotten Kale all riled up. However, she only unleashed her female Broly-like Super Saiyan transformation and went berserk when other opponents pummeled her.

In the new preview, Goku even referred to Kale's transformation as possibly the Saiyan's legendary form but even though Kale grew strong with her new form, she just wasn't ready for it.

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More early spoilers revealed that Jiren will eventually and easily defeat Kale despite her Super Saiyan transformation.

Cappa goes against Vegeta again

It seems like the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will not just be focusing on the newly introduced female Saiyans of Universe 6. Cabba, who is also a Saiyan from the same Universe, decides to fight Vegeta again. However, it was explained that Cabba cuts into a fight between Vegeta and Hit.

This will be the second time the two are going against each other since their fight during the Universe 6 Saga but Cabba is clearly not as strong as Vegeta so he will most likely lose in the fight against the Universe 7 Saiyan. It was also Vegeta who taught Cabba about their race's true power, which helped the latter to unleash his powers. He passed on the knowledge and taught Kale and Caulifla how to tap their hidden powers. #Dragon Ball Super Episode 100